Now I m a Plant - record release (cd and more)

New album - announcement !


Stepha Schweiger - vocals, keyboard, synthesizer

Robert Pöschl - electric bass

Playbacks by Pyrolator / Stepha Schweiger and Hanno Leichtmann

Visual Concept - Wolfgang Spelmans


Vienna, Austria 

11th June 2019, 10.30 pm

Kramladen / WOW! Signal



Graz, Austria

13th June 2019, 8.30 pm

Cafe Wolf



Moosburg, Germany

15. Juni 2019, 8.30 pm

Jazzclub Hirsch




The Mark on the Wall


Music theatre based on the story of the same name by Virginia Woolf


04th / 5th October 2019, 8 pm


Theater im Delphi, Berlin, ehemaliges Stummfilmkino Weißensee


A production of Aktuelle Musik und Musik-Theater-Produktion Berlin


Donation account

Recepient: Aktuelle Musik und Musik-Theater-Produktion Berlin

Account number (IBAN): DE37 7505 0000 0027 1342 12


Concerning our premiere at Acker Stadt Palast Berlin in october 2017, which was more than sold out on all three evenings the nmz, neue musikzeitung wrote:


"Seating or performance space? The access to the space in the theatre first had to be clarified so that Stepha Schweiger’s 100-minute piece – which had its concertante premiere at this year’s Tête à Tête Opera Festival in London – could also be enacted as a stage performance in the close confines of the Acker Stadt Palast Berlin venue.


Because of its limited capacity, the Acker Stadt Palast Berlin venue, which is popular with the reporter thanks to its programme, was the wrong location for a scenic play on this scale."

In autumn 2019 we come back to Berlin to perform in a beloved and beautiful old theatre, the Delphi in Weißensee.


You are very welcome to support us with your donation to realize this production. For donation receipts please contact us here.


As soon as we received enough financial support for the production at Delphi Theater with performances on 4th and 5th October 2019 we will let you know here.


Berlin, June 6 2019



The performances of The Mark on the Wall in 2017/2018 were supported and made possible by:

Ministery of science and culture Baden-Württemberg, Germany
LAFT Baden-Württemberg

Tete a Tete Festival London

Acker Stadt Palast Berlin

Festival for neue musik at Stadthaus Ulm

Private Sponsoring


Thanks for your support!







Pyramidale Berlin




7th September 2019


Rook Songs 1-2

für Ensemble, Elektronik und Video


Ensemble Via Nova









Flute, Guitar and Electronics




Autumn 2019



Black Box 








14th May 2019, 8.30 pm


BKA Theater, Unerhörte Musik

Mehringdamm 34





KOI SONG (2017)

for Anna Clementi


for Singer/Performer and elektronics (playback)


Voice and performance: Anna Clementi


Text by Anna Hetzer



6th and 7thApril 2019, 8 pm

AckerStadtPalast Berlin




in the context of Pacifico Exercises // Encho project

Mariangela Tinelli, dance

Anna Hetzer, texts


TAKE A SEAT (new work)

for voice/performance und electronic sounds (playback)

for Natalia Pschenitschnikova

Natalia Pschenitschnikova, voice and performance


furthermore with Ingolfur Vilhjalmsson, clarinet, and compositions by Ferdinand Breil, Sebastian Ellikowski-Winkler and others


founded by INM Berlin




radio orange 09.04.2019




29th November 2018, 11:03 pm

Ö1 radio

Zeit-Ton: IKO@guts n faders

broadcast of the concert on october 10 at musikprotokoll im Steirischen Herbst
and more


NDR Nachtclub Radio 

in the night of wednesday/thursday 

15.11.2018 at 0:05

ndr info live stream


repeated on NDR Blue

friday 16.11.2018, 1:05 pm (afternoon)

ndr blue live stream


includes the 

Presentation of 

Now I m a Plant 

album and remixes



with live talks …. 


Oktober 25 2018, 8.00 pm

at Marie-Antoinette

Holzmarktstraße 15, 10179 Berlin


Girl on Catfish

Stepha Schweiger, Mani Schimchen, Pepe Pöschl, Mäx Huber


Tatsumi Ryusui / Adam Goodwin (Elmer Kussiac)






06. Oktober 2018, 9 pm


Steirischer Herbst Graz




for double bass and electronics

world premiere of the new version

guts n faders:

Margarethe Maierhofer-Lischka: double bass

Peter Venus: electronic control and assignment for IKO-Lautsprecher




14 July 2018, 11 pm


Klangkeller Berlin


Kastanienallee 77


Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg



Stepha Schweiger NOW I M A PLANT (Release am 17.07.2018) 



Stepha Schweiger (vocals, keys, sounds) & Adam Goodwin (double bass)




 05. Juli 2018

Randfestspiele Zepernick


in Zepermick bei Berlin 



„Sommerregen“ (1997) nach Thomas Bernhard


 für 4 Solo-Stimmen quasi Chor a cappella



Wiederholung des Uraufführungskonzertes im Rahmen von „der helle Wahn“ / Atonale e.V. am 16.06.2018


in der Staatsoper unter den Linden, Neue Werkstatt






05. Juli 2018


München, Milla Club



Girl on Catfish:

Mäx Huber, Robert Pepe Pöschl, Mane Schimchen, Stepha Schweiger


Lorette Velvette


doors 7.30 pm, starts at 8.30 pm




16th of June 2018, 8 pm


Staatsoper Berlin


in „Neue Werkstatt“ of Staatsoper Unter den Linden



World Creation


„Sommerregen“ (1997)


based on the poem of the same name by Thomas Bernhard


for 4 solo voices quasi choir a cappella



during „der helle Wahn“ / Atonale e.V.


14th-16th June 2018 in Staatsoper Berlin






pre release show


Stepha Schweiger NOW I M A PLANT 


Sunday, 15. April 2018

9 pm, doors 8 pm


TBerlin, Fidicinstraße 38, Berlin-Kreuzberg


Stepha Schweiger, keyboard, electronic sounds, vocals

Adam Goodwin, electrified double bass













Festival Neue Musik im Stadthaus Ulm



music theatre


07th of April 2018, 8 pm

Cafe Animo, Ulm 

Introduction, discussion with the composer and performers

moderation and DJ set: Jürgen Grözinger


08th of April 2018, 7pm (duration 100 minutes)

Stadthaus Ulm

Performance / Premiere in Baden-Württemberg


Music theatre 

based on the story of the same name by Virginia Woolf

first published in 1917


Stepha Schweiger, concept, composition

Sebastian Bauer, directing, stage

Nora Lau, costumes, stage

Phillip Hohenwarter, video


Anna Clementi, singing

Leo Chadburn, speaking

Ziv Frenkel, dance


Chatschatur Kanajan, conducting

Christian Vogel, clarinet

Franka Herwig, accordion

Johannes Öllinger, e-guitar

Jürgen Grözinger, percussion

Antonis Annissegos, piano

Miriam Askin-Götting, viola

Adam Goodwin, double bass

Florian Tippe, sound design

Ulrich Müller, mastering

Bodo Gottschalk, video performance

Eike Mann, dramaturgigal and production assistence

Nele Gehricke, production assistence


supported by the Federal Association of Fringe Theatre and Danceperformers in Baden-Württemberg with funds of the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Art in Baden-Württemberg.



10th and 11th March 2018, 8 pm

Acker Stadt Palast Berlin

Drunken trees 

elektroniic collage

in the context of Pacifico

article in the taz Berlin: press 




Januar 21 2018, Munich


„Schneefeld“ (2004) for concert guitar


Johannes Öllinger


at Schwere Reiter, Munich


facebook event





Dezember 2017 - world creation in Brasil


Koi Song (2017)


for Anna Clementi, voice/performance


Scene for singer and playback


Lyrics: Anna Hetzer







01. Dezember 2017

ab 20 Uhr


GIRL ON CATFISH (Berlin, Bavaria)

Stepha Schweiger, Mane Schimchen, Robert Pepe Pöschl, Mäx Huber



ABRAXAS (New York)


in LANDSHUT, Bavaria


event by Gegendruck Kultur e.V.





Berlin, 8 pm and 9.15 pm


Running out of Words Festival

Acker Stadt Palast, Berlin


world premiere


Koi Skizze


for electronic tape with spoken words

text: Anna Hetzer

voice: Stepha Schweiger






Musical theatre by Stepha Schweiger

based on the story of the same name

first published in 1917



13 th october 2017, 8 pm

further performances on 14th and 15th of october, 8 pm

Acker Stadt Palast, Berlin 


Directing and stage: Sebastian Bauer

Stage and costumes: Nora Lau

Video: Phillip Hohenwarter

Dramaturgy: Eike Mann

Production Assistence: Nele Gehricke


Anna Clementi, singing

Leo Chadburn, speaking

Ziv Frenkel, dance


Chatschatur Kanajan, conducting

Christian Vogel, clarinet

Franka Herwig, accordion

Johannes Öllinger, e-guitar

Jürgen Grözinger, percussion

Antonis Annissegos, piano

Miriam Götting, viola

Adam Goodwin, double bass

Florian Tippe, sound design

Ulrich Müller, mastering


TRAILER, scenic work by Aniara Amos: youtube 


supported by the Federal Association of Fringe Theatre and Danceperformers in Baden-Württemberg with funds of the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Art in Baden-Württemberg.








Musical theatre by Stepha Schweiger

based on the story of the same name

first published in 1917


Sunday, 13th of august 2017, 1 pm

London at RADA, Studio Theatre

Tete a Tete Opera Festival



Anna Clementi, singing

Leo Chadburn, speaking

Ziv Frenkel, dance


Chatschatur Kanajan, conducting

Christian Vogel, clarinet

Silke Lange, accordion

Johannes Öllinger, e-guitar

Jürgen Grözinger, percussion

Antonis Annissegos, piano

Miriam Götting, viola

Adam Goodwin, double bass

Florian Tippe, sound

Ulrich Müller, mastering






Thursday, 25th of may 2017, 8 pm


Elisabeth Church





Connecting ...

Skizze für vier elektrische Orgeln und elektronische Sounds


mastering: Ulrich Müller


in the context of "Sichtungen - installatives Konzert"


and compositions by Sebastian Ellikowski-Winkler and Ferdinand Breil,

performed by Thomas Noll, Silke Lange, Nathan Plante and Sebastian Ellikowski-Winkler,

video by Nikolas Wiese








(2002 / 2003) 

electronic composition 

December 17th 2016, 9 pm



in the context of Running out of words - Festival






Wednesday, 14.12.2016, 9 pm


Girl on Catfish


concert and talk with Mäx Huber und Günther Janowsky



Jazz Club Hirsch, Moosburg/Bayern





at Darmstädter Ferienkurse 2016



Duo Transicion

Stephan Schomaker, Pavel Tseliapnou


"Frost Pattern - Eisblume" 

für E-Gitarre und Bass-Flöte,

optional mit elektronischen Sounds





BKA Club Concerts


Friday, 22.07.2016, 11 pm




Stepha Schweiger


Anna Clementi, Rupert Huber


curated by Natalia Pschenitschnikowa


Live video






Samstag, 09.07.2016, 21 Uhr


RandFestSpiele für neue Musik, Zepernick




Asphodels 1-7


Nathan Plante, trumpet







Samstag, 16.04.2016, in der Produzentengalerie Landshut. Beginn 21 Uhr.
Gegendruck Kultur e.V. präsentiert:

GIRL ON CATFISH (Berlin/Regensburg/Moosburg)

Die neue Band um die Berliner Avantgarde­Komponistin Stepha Schweiger gelangt immer wieder auf ungeahnte Pfade der Improvisation. Dabei entstehen unberechenbare Klangwelten, die sich verdichten, steigern und schließlich exaltieren. Zusammen mit Manfred Schimchen, Pepe Pöschl und Maex Huber, die u.a. als Backing­Band der Legende und des Mitbegründers des Psychedelic Rock Kim Fowley (F. Zappa, The Trip, Runaways u.v.a.) auf der Bühne standen, kann es durchaus passieren, daß sich ein lyrischer Song zu einem idiosynkratischen Soundgewitter entwickelt, oder auch in eine stille Meeresbrise verebbt!
Stepha ­Schweiger vocals, keys
Manfred Schimchen ­ vocals, guitar
Pepe Pöschl ­ bass
Maex Huber ­ drums

EINLASS 20:00 / BEGINN 21:00



Freisinger Tagblatt, 27. Januar 2015, 

anlässlich der Psychedelic-Art-Rock-Night im Lindenkeller Freising, 24. Januar 2015:
"Für einen der musikalischen Höhepunkte sorgte derweil eine Gruppierung um die Berliner Avantgarde-Komponistin Stepha Schweiger: Zusammen mit Drummer Mäx Huber aus Moosburg … entwarf die experimentell und progressiv zu Werke gehende Band Klangcollagen, die an Marianne Faithfull oder Velvet Underground erinnerten."

Some of my Performances since 2011:









solo show


in the Kreuzberg record shop Das Pop

Pop eV Berlin





Natalia Pschenitschnikova



performs her new version of


Envelopes (1993)


for Voice and Action.



Tuesday, January 5th, 2016, 8.30


BKA Berlin, Unerhörte Musik









"Stepha - Dissolve into"

EP - limited edition

little salt


27.10.2015, ab 22.30, 

Madame Claude

Lübbener Straße 19



Stepha Schweiger, electric piano, and Lisa Lammel, violin



14th march 2015


Dieter Schnebel: 85. Birthday 


Akademie der Künste


"Durcharbeiten" for Dieter Schnebel's 85th birthday


performed by Anna Clementi and Ariane Jeßulat






live at


Madame Claude




Feb 24th 2015, 9.30 pm

Mi, 11. Februar 2015, 18.00 


Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler | Charlottenstrasse 55, 10117 Berlin (Mitte) 




hiddensee 2

für Bariton und Violoncello


Text: Ulrike Draesner








Saturday 24th January 2015, 9 pm


Lindenkeller, Freising/Bayern










14th November 2014


Madame Claude


with Tammy Haider

 12th of october 2014, 2.15 pm


Public Talk



on the Video-Installation "visionmusique I-IV"



in the context of "Reihe - Rhythmus - Raum"


Kunstprojekt Karlshof Ellingen, Franken





 17th 09 2014


Z-Bar Berlin



 6th of September until 12th of October 2014


Video-Installation "visionmusique I-IV"



 during the exhibition "Reihe - Rhythmus - Raum"



6th of September 2014, 2 pm


Kunstprojekt Karlshof Ellingen, Bayern



with the works:





Klaus Schöpp: Flöten, Claudius von Wrochem: Violoncello, Gerhard Scherer: Akkordeon


frango phragmón extended:

Gerhard Scherer: Akkordeon, Stepha Schweiger: elektronische Bearbeitung



Cosima Gerhardt: Violoncello, Samuel Stoll: Horn




Didier Meu: Kontrabass, Realisierung der Elektronik am Ircam, Paris






Eva Curth recorded "Perpetual" for Harp 2014 on CD and performs the composition during the following concerts:


6. September 2014, 19 Uhr, ev. Kirche Birnbach/Ww.


26. September 2014, 19.30 Uhr, Musikschule Chemnitz


27. September 2014, 20 Uhr, Galerie Hoch und Partner, Leipzig


28. September 2014, 17 Uhr, Blaue Fabrik, Dresden


On this evening Eva Curth, Harp & Eva Zöllner, Accordion, are performing.

Eva Curth - Perpetual
Ev. Kirche in 39345 Bülstringen
12. September 2014 at 7 pm



25.01.2014, 6 pm



Szene for harp, accordion, playback with speaking voice

Text: "Engel" by Lil Steen

Voice: Stepha Schweiger


Eva Zöllner: Akkordeon

Eva Curth: Harfe



Marburger Kunstverein

Gerhard-Jahn-Platz 5
35037 Marburg




6 th of december 2013



world premiere


hiddensee, südstrand, die winkende bucht


text: Ulrike Draesner



Roman Trekel, baritone

Isa von Wedemeyer, violoncello



Schwartzsche Villa

Grunewaldstraße 55
12165 Berlin








02.11.2013, 2 to 8 pm

03.11.2103, 0 to 6 pm


visionmusique III



Sites for horn and violoncello,


recording by

Samuel Stoll, horn

Cosima Gerhardt, violoncello




Galerie Gondwana

Merseburger Straße 14






30 th of october 2013, 8 pm







Premiere in Berlin







in addition:

30th of october 2013 from 2 pm and 31st of october 2013, 2 to 6 pm

exhibition of the pictures and the sound from visionmusique I - IV






03.10.2013, 3 pm


Invitation to the Podiumsdiskussion


„Politische Relevanz Neuer Musik"


by the Berliner Gesellschaft für Neue Musik




Paretz, near Berlin











9 24 2013, 8.30





Mehringdamm 34


10961 Berlin-Kreuzberg



Reihe "Unerhörte Musik"


with Katia Guedes and Erik Drescher





für Sopran und Flöte


world premiere of the flute-version






Samstag, 6. Juli 2013



Sonntag, 7. Juli 2013 


frango phragmón

Christine Paté: Akkordeon

asphodels 8-10

Matthias Bauer: Kontrabass





soundtour 8 

Randspiele Zepernick








 Sunday, February 3rd 2013, 2.30 pm 



Stepha Schweiger:

My microtonal composing



lecture in english


"EuroMicroFest 2013"


Cologne, Kunsthochschule für Medien









prolonged until 21st of december 2012 !







Galerie K14

Germany, Bavaria


 Engel – Mittler zwischen Dunkel und Licht


Literarisches Konzert

Eva Curth, Harp


Eva Curths Engel-Programm has its premiere. the harpist performs and reads music and texts.

The program contains


the composition


"Perpetual"for harp by Stepha Schweiger


and the text


"Engel" by Lil Steen




29.09.2012 8 pm 


St. Michaelis

Echternstraße 12

38100 Braunschweig







Friday, 21st of September 2012, 7 pm



Vernissage,  DVD- and CD-Release :







Galerie K14

Deutschland, Bayern


Saturday, 15th of September 2012, 6 pm




Atelier 497, Seestraße 497

Zürich, Switzerland



Stepha Schweiger performs her composition "Sp19ri9ng one".



following the Finissage

Saturday, 15th of September 2012, 4 - 6 pm





Atelier 497, Seestraße 497

Zürich, Switzerland






Friday, 17th of August 2012, 6 - 9 pm




stefan fischer stepha schweiger



running till 15th of September 2012


Atelier 497. Seestraße 497

Zürich, Switzerland





Friday, 6 th of July 2012, 9.30 pm


asphodels 8-10 (creation)

Matthias Bauer, double-bass




 Saturday, 7 th of july 2012, 3 pm





Erik Drescher, flute


Randspiele Zepernick 

St. Annenkirche Zepernick

Schönower Straße 76

16341 Panketal (near Bernau)


Sunday, June 3rd 2012, 8 pm


Komponistenporträt Stepha Schweiger

Kunstpavillon Heringsdorf, Usedom



new work for Cello

Floréal (1994) for Flute

Sites (1994/2011) for Horn and Cello, creation of the new version (2011)


Claudia Otto, Flöte

Gregor Szramek, Violoncello

Esther Muri, Horn







ENGEL. Szene for Harp, Accordion and Digital Tape (2011)



Composition: Stepha Schweiger    


Text: Lil Steen


Harp: Eva Curth 

Accordion: Eva Zöllner



BKA, Mehringdamm 34, Berlin-Kreuzberg



Tuesday, 8th of november 2011, 8.30 pm


costs: 12,-- / 8,--


tickets 030 2022007






next performance:


Kammerkonzert / Unerhörtes Brandenburg


Foyer Studiobühne


Brandenburger Theater , Grabenstraße 14, 14776 Brandenburg an

der Havel



wednesday 16th of november 2011, 7 pm


introduction at 6.30


costs: 8,-- / 5,--





Usedomer Kunstverein


at Kunstpavillon Heringsdorf



Sat, 28.05.2011, 5 pm


80 th birthday of Jürgen Böttcher / Strawalde


Stepha Schweiger is performing her composition Sp19ri9ng one for Piano